Charles Hodge, one of America’s most educated men of the 19th century and a prominent theologian of old Princeton, devoted much of his time to his denomination’s foreign missions.

As documented by his son, in The Life of Charles Hodge:

He became a member of the Board of Foreign Missions in 1846; and in 1868 he was elected President of that Board to succeed Dr Spring, and acted as such until the reconstruction of the Boards, consequent upon the Reunion of the Presbyterian Church in 1870. Dr Ellinwood writes, ‘We regard your father as one of the very ablest and most earnest supporters of the cause of Foreign Missions we ever had in the Presbyterian Church.’

He was a member of the Board of Domestic Missions from about 1840 to 1870.

A.A. Hodge, The Life of Charles Hodge, p.384.

Photo by Banner of Truth